Plain Wear To Help Save The Planet

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A fashion brand helping save the earth? How? Plain Los Angeles is a young fashion brand that wants to help save the earth by planting trees for every order received. Plain LA just launched in 2019 and has helped plant over 10,000 trees according to their site based on the orders they received. They partnered with a tree planting organization which also complements the brands’ “Be Plain. Wear Plain.” fashion philosophy. Similar to Zuckerberg’s and Jobs’ minimalist fashion sense, Plain L.A. sells simple clothes online to both men and women. It may seem simple but there is a chic fashion sense to their casuals clothing.

Available in basic colors, their plain black hoodie, shirt, and cap are easy to sport and wear. But quality isn’t compromised, their customer reviews reflect good feedback so far. The hoodies will surely be enjoyed by girlfriends everywhere since girls are notorious for snatching their boyfriends’ hoodies. Plain Los Angeles sells accessories, too, and even those reflect a plain jane yet chic vibe. Their minimalist wallets are sleek and embodies minimalism as well, a perfect product for the brand. Active wear and some random accessories are available, too. The eco friendly products are a good fit, too, for the brand. It further helps customers in participating in a less carbon footprint lifestyle. Shoppers of Plain LA will feel less guilt so this is what would make the brand further thrive in the online ecommerce scene. It seems that transactions are smooth, too, since online reviews are good. Various payment options are offered.

Plain LA is also on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Follow them there to stay updated. The news and blog sections of the site are constantly updated, too. According to their website, they consist of young individuals so it’s exciting to see how such a generation strives to make a social impact, not just income. The transparency of their advocacy is admirable and is what every person wants to see when it comes to charitable efforts.

It would be interesting to know what customers think so feel free to comment or email us your thoughts about the brand if ever you have shopped from Plain Los Angeles. The leather wallet iPhone case seems to be selling like hotcakes because it has the highest number of reviews, 102 so far, compared to other merchandise found in the website. Upon checking, it comes in black, blue, green, red, and rose gold colors for 14 iphone device variants. It may look “plain” but the product is multi functional so it is fairly understandable as to why many people would want this item. Less baggage equates to less stress so such a multifunctional item is definitely nice to have. Makes us consider that a plain lifestyle is indeed good to have. Hopefully and ironically, they would add more of such products soon since they do have an interesting advocacy. They seem to have had other interesting products, too, in the past which we’re not sure if they are going to restock on.