Various Facts About Physiotherapy Treatment

Various Facts About Physiotherapy Treatment
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Many historical experts agree that it was the Father of Medicine, Greek doctor Hippocrates, that founded the field of physiotherapy several thousand years ago. In fact, Hippocrates invented water therapy, which is sometimes known as hydrotherapy, in order to treat some of his patients, and water therapy is still used today by many physiotherapists in order to treat certain medical conditions or ailments.

Physiotherapy is Effective in Treating Patients Who Suffer From Vertigo

Anyone who suffers from vertigo knows how terrifying and debilitating it can be. Interestingly, vertigo is actually triggered by an infection that affects the vestibular system of the body, which is primarily responsible for controlling equilibrium. As such, when it becomes infected the patient may become dizzy as a result, which will subsequently affect their ability to maintain their balance. 

The good news is physiotherapy has been scientifically proven to be a safe and effective treatment for vertigo. Hence, if you currently suffer from vertigo then you may want to visit a local physiotherapy clinic to get quick and effective relief for your condition.

Obesity Can Be Properly Managed via Certain Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Techniques

While physiotherapy is often used in order to help people who have been injured in a car accident recover, as well as help athletes enhance their endurance and recover from sports injuries, it can also be used to effectively manage obesity.

 In fact, many physio clinics also employ nutritionists who are trained to treat a plethora of different conditions and disorders, which also include managing obesity. From suggesting a healthy diet that is custom catered to your unique physical and genetic makeup to prescribing a research-backed exercise regimen that can help you burn fat more efficiently, nutritionists and physiotherapists often work together to maximize their treatment modalities.

Physiotherapy Was First Used in Canada After the First World War

After World War I ended, thousands of brave soldiers who fought in the war returned to Canada with serious injuries that needed immediate attention. To help many of these valiant soldiers rehabilitate from their injuries they were administered various physiotherapy rehabilitation techniques, which also served to restore their mobility as well as functionality. In fact, physiotherapy was more commonly used to treat the soldiers than pain medication and/or surgical procedures.