Best Shower Curtains

Best Shower Curtains
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Best Shower Curtains

Did you know that there are so many features that you need to consider before you buy the best shower curtains?

Yes, Girl! You should consider things like the design, material, durability, expenses and also the appearance since you don’t want the bathroom view to be less attractive.

Shower curtains can’t last forever but you need to get one of the best shower curtains that will fit your required demands.

You should get it right because, after so many years of using your bathroom, it is the most intimate area in your house and the shower curtain is the center of attention to it. – The Best Shower Curtain Reviews and Advice

The next time you go shopping for one of the best showercurtains with your girls, you should have the following list of features inyour memory as your personal guide;

1. The material used in making it.

The material usually really matters because it determines the lifespan of the shower curtain. A good material ensures a long lifespan but a bad material will automatically disappoint you with its short lifespan.

Apart from the lifespan, the material will also help you to know if it can be easy for you to clean or it is the one that will be hard to remove stains.

A shower curtain is mostly made with a material such as:

   – Cotton; This is a type of material that I would not recommend for you since they are a bit expensive.

They are also less waterproof and somehow highly flammable, imagine when you are not around and you have little children; it can be risky.

They are also not resistant to mildew and they take longer to dry.

The only good thing about them is that they can be easily cleaned in a simple washing machine.

  – Polyester; When talking about the best shower curtains, you cannot leave out the ones which are made of polyester. In fact, they are the ones which have dominated most homes in your neighborhood.

The polyester material is good because they defend against dwindling and creasing.

Unlike cotton material, polyester materials are less flammable and can be able to dry quickly.

They are also cost effective when it comes to their prices, this explains why they are famous among your lady friends.

  – Synthetic; The promise that you can get from this material is in its price, they are the most affordable when compared to polyester and cotton.

They have some waterproof properties that help in averting the risk of Mildew.

They require less maintenance and have a long lifespan.

Synthetic materials are made out of a mixture of nylon and cotton or either polyester/nylon alone.

Choose either synthetic or polyester material for the best results.

1. It should be resistant to water.

One of the main purposes of a shower curtain is to ensure that water from the shower does not reach the bathroom floor.

A waterproof shower curtain is unique since it serves its purpose by repelling water. When it is not resistant to water you can be sure of stressful shower days.

Consider, going for the synthetic material to avoid messing up your bathroom.

2. Design.

The design of the shower curtain should complement your bathroom so that you can have an alluring appearance of the house.

A good design means that you have considered the color and the texture of the shower curtain.

Design can be a good determinant of price in shower curtains, highly rated design is a bit pricey but the opposite is also true.

3. It should have a standard dimension.

Before you choose a shower curtain you must consider the size of your tub, so that you may not end up getting the one which is too big or so small, a wrong dimension can really get you frustrated.

Though the standard is (72*72) inches, go for the dimensions that fit your required size.

You should consider measuring, the length, width, and height for good results in the bathroom. Depending on the kind of tub you have either; free-standing or a claw foot tub, you will;

 – Measure the length of the curtain rod and add 12 inches to get the curtain shower width and the height depends on the tub.

Getting the right size of the shower curtain will help you come up with a good list of the best shower curtains.

4. It should have properties of repelling Mildew andbacteria.

Can you just imagine after a stressful day at work, you are very tired and your body just needs a nice hot shower, you go in the bathroom and find a shower curtain of Mildew?

Irritating and very angry will be your first reaction, it can also kill the morale you had of showering. That is why you should get a Mildew resistant curtain shower.

Mildew is considered to be very problematic in the case of shower curtains, they are usually accompanied by a disturbing odor and dampness.

The best shower curtains can never miss out on this property, it is the essence of the curtain itself, so you should opt to put this as your number one priority when looking for one.

5. It should be strong.

A good shower curtain should have a weighted edge, this means that when you hang it, it should not easily be tossed by the wind.

This gives you the confidence of enjoying your shower without any worries.

6. The durability and appearance.

You should never compromise on the appearance of your shower since it is the backbone of the elegance in your bathroom. Why? because you can easily be put off from showering when you have a dull looking bathroom.

A good looking bathroom can bring joy and happiness which will automatically help in changing your mood in case it was bad.

It is undeniable that an attractive shower curtain will light up your bathroom.

When talking about durability, the best shower curtains are the ones which are durable and are easy to maintain.

A durable shower curtain will always prove to be worth it.


With the above well-explained features and requirements of a curtain shower, you are good to go to get yourself one. The best shower curtains are the way to go don’t be left out. Best wishes! – The Best Shower Curtain Reviews and Advice