Basics of a Farm

Farm machinery at Barker's Farm in Stratham, New Hampshire.
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A farm is a section of land devoted to the production and management of food, either produce or livestock. A farm can be owned by an enterprise, a single individual, family, or community, or it may be owned by a corporation or company, like a state farm. There are several vehicles used for farming a few of which are: Combine harvesters, Farm tractors, Pickup tractors, trucks and trailers, swathers, etc.

Farming and developing farms in general was one of the most important components in establishing a town. With the exception of plantations and colonial farms, farm sizes tend to be small in newly settled lands and to extend as transportation and markets become sophisticated.

A farm: “Land that is being operated by one producer with equipment, labor, accounting system, and management substantially separate from that of any other unit. Land on which tenants provide their own labor and equipment shall not be considered a separate farm.”